Miguel Cruz con copa de vino

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Miguel Cruz

Family tradition

He was born into a family and enviroment with a long tradition elaborating wine. Miguel Cruz has made his job a lifestyle. He is passionate of his town and there are few people with such a huge trust in his ground, Pedro Ximénez variety and deep knowledge about such a fortified wines. Miguel dedicate his whole effort to reach the excellence and developing his personal project and squeeze the Apellation of Origin to its highest potencial.

Miguel is Agricultural Engineer Doctor, Since 1974 he performs a intense task as a professional, advising and making wines for a long list of clients in the Montilla-Moriles Apellation of Origin and also, in others Apellations and winemaking area, with a lot of national and international collaborations.

A life and a professional career which ended in a passion. And when a job is a passion, success is assured.

Miguel Cruz Lagar Blanco conferencia